construction process is labour intensive

  • one of the major problems of construction and building industry is that it requires a lot of man power , the major¬† drawbacks of using humans is that they face a lot of dangerous situation during the construction process which may sometimes lead to death , and humans are physically limited by the reach of the hand . Humans cannot swiftly move from one place to other ,which makes logistics very slow. We also make a lot of mistakes and errors , which might prove costly and we get tired easily and cannot work in hostile environment.

  • Stats say that about 40 percent of the total cost for construction just goes into construction , while 10 percent for logistics and 50 percent for materials. Labors have a fixed work time, which prolongs the finish time of the project. They also come with risk factors like injuries and fatalities. The target audiences mostly include domestic and large scale construction industy.

October 15, 2019

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