• Concept:
    Sound energy is associated with the vibrations of matter (sound waves vibrate air particles - that's how you can hear), so is a form of kinetic energy.The idea is can I recycle this energy (which is otherwise unutilized) as a driving source for other devices.
  • Application:
    Noise can be defined as an unpleasant and unwanted sound. Our idea is to create a device which is infact a portable power source which can be installed easily.
    For example,
    -Progress in technology (industrialization) has resulted in creating noise pollu­tion. Textile mills, printing presses, engineering establishments and metal works etc. contribute heavily towards noise pollution. In industrial cities like Kolkata, Ludhiana, Kanpur etc., often the industrial zones are not separated from the residential zones of the city especially in the case of small scale industries.
    -In heavy traffic areas
    -In construction Sites
    -Public Gathering
    -.Mobile users

    Basically everyone is the target audience, we all are the victims of power cut. Especially mobile holders, villagers, pedastrians are the victims.. 

  • Interviewer: Hello mam. I am Sakthi Priya from Amrita university.

    User: Yea, hai.

    Interviewer: Project idea explanation………

    Interviewer: Do you face this problem of draining of charge from your mobile?

    User: Every time when i go for a long bus travel like my home town..... My mobile get drained of its charge.....and can’t even make important calls or use it for entertainment........ Recently..... like last week too I faced this problem.

     Interviewer: So yea, what do you think about it. Do you think of something that you can solve?

    User: . mostly everyone.....people who have mobiles with less mah...when a person is going on a long travel like 3-4 days on bus...... For example Pondicherry to Delhi then having a power bank wont b enough its not gonna last that long...... He or she may not be able to recharge it so having something that could recharge with something that is always present around me would be useful.

     Interviewer: How much would you pay , if a device (power supply) which can provide power whenever you need?

     User: just as i said........... Even if i had 10000 mah power bank it wont last for many days i cant say i wont use it but i could use something better its based on my requirements..... At present i just use my mob fr entertainment mostly so i would pay about 1000 more than the price of my usual power bank....... But when my requirement increases price may also increase


    General user opinion:

     Problems faced:

     - High electricity bills

    -Lack of multiple power sources, so that the electric power generation can nit meet the high demand.

    - Frequent power cut

    -Lack of alternative sources that can replenished and never endangered.

     An opinion from a resident using solar panel for electricity:

     -I am from Tamil Nadu where people face frequent power cuts. Electricity cost is high.Due to climate changes resulting in change in wind pattern the output from wind mills are not sufficient to satisfy the high demand.

     -I have recently installed solar panel and not getting desired power output especially to operate high powered appliances due to irregular weather conditions.

    -By opting for an alternative energy source., which can relied upon whenever required.




  • Our device gives a new meaning for noise.Noise is now utilized as an input for a power generating source that converts noise to electricity.
    The device can be set up in factories, traffic signals, residential areas and other areas.The device now is a portable source of energy for mobile and other electronic gadgets. 
    It can be used as a power bank for mobile charging. The main benefit of using this charger is that you do not require an external power source to charge this device. It will be extremely handy for outdoor activities. The user can carry it along with when they are going out for a party or a picnic. Thus, he/she can remain connected with their friends when they are out of home and can charge their gadgets by using this unique charger whenever and wherever required.
    They produce significantly very less air pollution when compared to the traditional sources of electricity. No energy is created nor destroyed, the unused or unnoticed sound energy is converted to beneficial electric energy. This can be basically considered as an art from waste.
    It can be used as an alternative for solar panels where one do not need to worry about the weather, climatic change.
    In many factories, where huge noise is produced and that sound energy which is of no use can be transformed to useful electrical energy.
    The scenario in rural area is ..most of the people there can't afford for UPS/ generators/ invertors. When there are frequent power cuts, it makes their life more difficult without electricity. This device setup can change their life dramatically, it can used for agricultural purpose, household, even for the general public purpose (street lights, radio systems).
    The device employs a transducer which converts physical vibrations(sound) into electrical pulses,which is later amplified to get the desired output for the appliance under usage.
    The user can wield the device according to his/her convenience. Moreover they are easy to use and do not have to pay a lot of attention. This form of energy conversion(sound to electricity) can be done anywhere and anytime in which adds an advantage over the existing solar energy, hydro energy, wind energy.
    Sound is a form of energy which can not be obliterated unlike the existing natural energy sources. For this reason, this device will have a large market and will be a great advancement. Life has become so dependent on electricity. Yesteryear luxury is today's necessity.
November 15, 2019


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