Comatose Monitoring System

  • Gokul G.P, Bagawathi S.V, Rekha S.
  • Coma, it is a state of unconsciousness in which patient cannot feel or respond to the pain, light or sound. For a patient in this condition,it is necessary to monitor and have a continuous update of certain body parameters. With the help of IoT, we can build a system to track the health status of multiple patients at any given time with almost nil error and provide ease of access to doctors and family members in monitoring the patient's condition on a day to day basis.

  • Comatose Monitoring : Generally a coma patient is discharged and shifted home, the doctor can get updates on the patient's condition without having to physically come over and check.

  • Interview with Dr. Geetha Kumaresan M.B.B.S, Katpadi GH
    Q: Do you face this problem?
    A: I would’nt call this to be a problem as it is a doctors primary duty to keep a check on the patients
    well-being, but with such improving technology, I feel it is better monitoring a comatose person from
    home and it is a boost to the doctors to get information on their mobile devices regarding the state of
    their coma patients. It saves a lot of time and giving us time to do other works also.
    Q: Do you know anyone who does?
    A: Monitoring a patient is done by every doctor, such technology would prove helpful to every doctor
    as a smart phone is enough to monitor his/her patient and everyone invariably has a smart phone

    Q:How much would you pay to fix it?

    Around 15,000 INR.

  • Step 1: Connecting Temperature and Humidity sensor, Motion Sensor,Blood pressure sensor,
    Ultrasonic sensor to Raspberry Pi.
    Step 2: Collecting all information and displaying the necessary ones on the 16X2 LCD.
    Step 3: Transferring data to a smart phone through IoT using a simple Node MCU.
    Step 4: Creating a app to store the monitored data on a daily basis and also sending the analytic to the
    concerned doctor via e-mail.

November 13, 2019

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