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  • the problem

    during my recent train journeys,one issue i encountered the most is unavailability of good hygenic food in train

    well as i knew some apps do serve in train but during experience of them ,it wasn't pleasant at all 

    1. firstly,the food was not up to the mark as they have done merger with low quality restaurant,as they have monopoly on this market so have no fear
    2. thier delivery service was not at all optimized , user have to leave the train to collect his order and timing were also cutthroat
    3. the no. of stations on which they were serving was also very less
    1. we will connect all well known and well recognised hotels and restro of the area to our serving app so that every consumer can get food of his choice with desired qulaity and hygene too. 
    2. our next objective is we wiil improve delivery system which will be our star quality which make us outstand .as some app are deliverying food in train on some fixed or big stations only we plan to appoint delivery boys in trains and small town or cites (which have some good and hygenic food hotels too).
November 9, 2019

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