Cilmate Change

  • Adhin vs, Pending...
  • Drought, Land slide, Air pollution, Hot Atmosphere, Less Rainfall these all are the most problems faced by Climate change. It can be changed by a simple solution- PLANT TREES!

    With human effort,it takes so much time to plant some seeds or saplings.If we introduced some Machine products,we could plant more within less time. 

  • Everything and everyone under the sky!

    As it is related to climate change, Every humans, animals, birds, vegetation... are related to it 

  • Interview with

    Environmentalists: "We want to protect our Mother Nature, But it requires a huge human effort to make Earth green again. So if you could help us it with some Technology,it would be better"

    Villagers:"We are not having rain, Many are devastated of the hot climate and they could not plant a tree properly!"

    Even though we want to pant trees, as it is hot climate and requires much more human effort we get tired by planting seeds.So if we assign some machines like drones to do the same job, it could plant more tree seeds creating a forest eventually.

    Finding the appropriate seeds or saplings and a watering system is a challenge for making the prototype.If we have a appropriate power for seed bullet powering system, the idea seems possible!(Also can be upgraded to fight forest fires)

  • Before - Dry land, Drought

    After - Forest, Cool climate, Rainfall,Nice habitation

October 25, 2019

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