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  • In today's time when kidnapping ,harassment and other crimes have become so common children's safety is something we are most afraid of and specially when majority of the children are unable to express the incident because they are afraid , have been threatened not to tell anyone or in some cases they are unable to understand the true nature of the crime being committed against them

    in such cases the children suffer the most and the parents are unaware of the incidents and so cannot help in any sort and the child continues to suffer

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  • interview of working mother of class 1 child

    1) Do you think that this problem of children not being secure exist?(Why, When, Where and How?)
    ans)obviously it does .i being a working mother am not able to drop and pick my child from school.i am in continuous pressure and tension that my child is safe and that he has reached home.today people have become so monstrous that whenever you open the news channel it is filled with these news.

    2) Examples / Experiences on this?
    ans)i haven't personally seen any such thing but yes keep hearing in my workplace or home where children were being harassed and the parents were totally unaware of it. these are very scary times specially for us parents when no matter how much we try we can never be 100% sure that our child is safe.

    4) Is there anything that solves this? Why don't you use it?
    never heard of any such thing yet and don't thing it is even possible

    5)if such a thing comes wherein you are notified if your child is feeling extremely afraid of is being harassed would you use it. How much would you pay to fix it?
    ans) if  such a thing does come then i would be the happiest person .and as far as the money is considered all we are doing is for our children so their safety is of utmost priority.


    interview of a 20 year old girl pursuing her graduation from Delhi university

    1) Do you think that this problem of children not being secure exist?(Why, When, Where and How?)
    ans) it is not hidden from us that today's society is extremely unsafe for everybody. now a days the newspapers are filled with news of people raped, harassed or kidnapped.and in these times the most vulnerable group is that of the small children who are oblivious to these crimes.children of such small age are never able to understand and express these things

    2) Examples / Experiences on this?
    ans)i have myself faced such a problem . i was very young approximately 3 years old .there was my auto uncle who was a very trusted man and all the children of my society used to go in his auto to school. i used to sit in front as the auto used to be full and i was the smallest and so could fit easily in the seat beside the driver.while driving i still remember he used to touch me inappropriately and i still remember the feeling was not good and indescribable for me . i did not tell it to anyone as at that time did not know if some thing was wrong or not and just felt afraid to talk about it even though i had done nothing wrong.

    4) Is there anything that solves this? Why don't you use it?
    see as far as i know when i was in school i had this chip in my id card which used to send a notification to my parents when i reached school and when i left it. b that could only help them partially. what is happening with the child in between is unknown to the parents.

    5)would you use a technology which would alert the parent if the child is in danger?of course!we would definitely use it.

    5) How much would you pay to fix it?
    ans) well if it were for my child or any child i would not think much cause god forbid if such a thing happens with someone atleast he/she should have some support ,someone to help.

  • solution to this problem is a chip which would be included in the school uniform of children/clothes .chip will send signals to the parents by sending notification which would specify the exact location of the child . Not only this it will also detect emotion of the child if the child has been extremely frightened (as in case of harassement) or is being physically or  mentally molested by any person(can be of any age group like any sen. from same school,his/her classmates, relatives or unknown)

    this will help the parent to know that the children are safe and that too in a way where the children are not needed to express it.

    existing journey of the person- the parents have to worry all the time about the child and there is not much to assure them that if any such thing happens they would be immediately informed

    new users journey- now the parents will be informed about their child's where about , and most importantly about any such mishappening.

October 20, 2019

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