Raspberry Pi 3



Raspberry Pi 3

Objectives Setup and run Raspberry pi with the OS package installer NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software) through an SD card Install the OS Raspbian Raspberry pi pin structure overview Understand the capabilities of Raspberry pi Connect Raspberry pi to the network and update it with the latest files Things For this project, you will need Raspberry Pi 3 RPi 3 board (quantity: 1 no.) VNC Viewer Micro SD card (quantity: 1 no.) 5V power adapter (quantity: 1 no.) Micro USB cable A to B (quantity: 1 no.) WiFi router / mobile hotspot (quantity: 1 no.) Let’s begin! Raspberry pi is a credit card sized single board computer which can be used to run multiple programs and tasks together. It has everything that a computer has like dedicated memory, processor, graphics card for output through HDMI display. This piece of hardware revolutionized the opensource world. Hobbyists and engineers started building things like home automation to servers, bitcoin mining rigs etc.   Raspberry Pi   So let’s explore and see what we can do with this! Raspberry pi vs microcontrollers and microprocessors You might have seen or heard people saying, my PC is very slow… I need to upgrade my RAM…

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