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Objective: To design and develop user centered, sensors based alerting blind stick for easy navigation of visually challenged on the roads. Contributor(s): Vijayakumar Pattanashetti, Roshan Lal D., Chandan Kumar, Soundarya, Nithin Gowda, Vinayak N. Team name: Team Nexus Date: We are team of six enthusiast second year Electronics and Communication Engineering students. As a part of our course, Design Thinking 2 under the guidance of Prof. Vaibhav B., we carried out this project successfully. We practiced design thinking methodologies before and while coming up with the product, where we kept our target customers i.e., visually challenged at the center of product design. Interests: Internet of Things (IoT), Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Python, Embedded Systems, Quantum Computing, Deep Learning and Image Processing, Autonomous Vehicles. Past Projects : We have been part of projects in other teams and as individuals. Here are a few projects that some of us have been part of. Virtual Body Guard - an app built using Python that safe guards the women in metro cities. It triggers when women requests foe help by speaking "Help me". Once triggered, it starts capturing the location, random photos, videos, sometimes nearby device information and sends to the emergency contact via…

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Objective: To develop a module that makes any car a self driving car. Contributor(s): Arun Kumar Mohanty, Jivitesh Debata, Md. Azmal, Kamakshya Mohapatra, Anshuman Pandia, Manosini Das Team name: MultiWe Date: We are a team of six people who have worked in different sectors of engineering. We are curious to learn about any viable tech. We believe in developing skills. Interests: Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Computer vision, Additive and subtractive Manufacturing, Drone development, Web development Past Projects : Wireless communication Drone development Block chain development Web development Object Detection Interest areas for collaboration and learning: 3D printing, CNC machining, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Drone development

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Weather Station

Objective: A product that tracks temperature, humidity and air quality values. It also gives live updates and previous records are displayed on the custom-built website. Contributor(s): Rajesh Hegde Date: I’m a 3rd-year Information Science Engineering student with innovative and quick learning abilities. Enthusiastic about solving real-world problems using forefront technology. Interests: Full-stack development, Internet of Things and Data Science. Past Projects : ShowMeDaWae - Enhancing your experience on Indian roads. Electro Maps - Predicting electricity outage. Carry-It - A Crowdsourced Delivery Service. GateWay - An IoT Platform. Handwriting Digitalisation - Digitising classroom teaching. Namma College App - A college forum. Smart-Attendance - RFID attendance system. Home Automation using Arduino. Interest areas for collaboration and learning: I always like to learn new things. I would love to collaborate and contribute to areas like web/app development and Internet of things to solve real-world problems in an effective and optimized way.

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Hungry Bird

Objective: A drone that emulates the flight patterns that birds exhibit to gather food and feed their offspring. Contributor(s): Kaushik Balasundar Date: I am currently in the final semester of my Mechanical Engineering undergraduate degree. I am also working on a vision-based product assembly fault detection system with the Center of Product Development and Manufacturing, Indian Institute of Science. Interests: Broadly in collaborative robots, medical robots, and intelligent industrial robots. Past Projects : I have done several projects aimed at exploring various aspects of robotics. Biomimetic Robotic Fish Hydraulically Actuated Autonomous Nurse (HYAAN) Single propeller multi-terrain spherical drone Hungry bird – Bird flight trajectory mimicking drone Total solar irradiance measurement device Low-cost weather station Offline voice-controlled wheelchair Head motion-controlled wheelchair Interest areas for collaboration and learning: I am interested in learning, collaborating and contributing to work in areas including traditional computer vision, deep learning for computer vision, reinforcement learning for robotic manipulation, development of consumer robotic medical equipment, haptics & teleoperation technologies for robust maneuvering in adverse terrains.

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Thumbs Up or Down

Objective:   A software that classifies restaurant reviews as positive or negative.   Contributor(s): Aditya Pai Date: I am in my final year of Information Science Engineering undergrad degree. I currently work on AI projects related to the healthcare industry I’m a freelance AI consultant and teach machine learning online. Interests: Computer vision, Natural language processing, Data science, Distributed systems and blockchain. Past Projects : Some of the Projects that I have done include Healthcare AI suite to solve patient engagement Cryptocurrency price forecasting for automated trading Telegram bot for human sentiment classification Network intrusion detection using machine learning Calculation of textural features of images Interest areas for collaboration and learning: I’d love to collaborate and help teams working on AI and blockchain products. Always open to brainstorming ideas and learning new technologies.

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