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  • Traffic is one of the major problems in our day to day life and  everyone faces it .Road traffic congestion, one of the indicators of socio-economic vibrancy has continually challenge the efforts of city and transport planners on highways in terms of longer travel times and delay over time and space.

    The traffic at the intersection during peak hours is regularly and very crowded as result to the huge number of vehicles reaching the carrying capacity of road.

  • A man who was going to his office which was in Achaya Vihar, caught in traffic at Damana square. He tried very much to rescue himself from the traffic but he can't . He still waited for the traffic to be clear . After when he reach at his office he was so late and got insulted from his boss.

    This traffic creates so many problems and environmental hazards to our society.

    It creates both air and noise pollution.

    Many people die due to this problem.

    Suppose a Ambulance is caught in a traffic jam and the patient is very serious. But the traffic isn't clear so , the ambulance waits for the traffic to be clear. After when the traffic got clear ambulance started running towards hospital but all gone in vain because the patient died.

    So the traffic is responsible for this death .

    It really craetes so much problem in day to day life .

  • I have interviewed 2 people who faced this problem. 

    USER- 1:- He told  recently his friend faced a severe accident. He was taken to the hospital by the ambulance but at JAYDEV VIHAR JN he faced the traffic jam. He stayed there for 15-20 min. But here his friend was very serious and many blood was coming out very fastly and he sense out, after reaching hospital  doctor says he was no more.

    He says the traffic commissioner should aware of this type of problem, it hampers many lives, and many people who are students, employees,etc. Also it creates pollution which leads to global warming.

    The USER -2  is a school going student who is in CLASS -X.

    USER-2:- He told maximum times he is facing this type of problem while coming to school. He always have to stand outside of his class due to late coming. He is a good student but always get late . He told always he hold up in traffic jam . He also told that in his unit test exam he was  not allowed to the exam hall due to his late coming for that why he got last position in the whole class and  his all friends are teasing him for that. 

  • BEFORE-  Recently my friend Alok along with her wife was going to hospital to meet his father's in law who was in bed . His wife is the only daughter of her father. Her father was in final stage of cancer. Her father last wish before die was to see his daughter and to hug her. But all his wants gone in vain because he was unable to see and hug her daughter as before arrival of his daughter he was no more. That day Alok along with his wife was going to hospital and at KALINGA SQUARE he was caught in the traffic  and after 20 minutes the traffic was clear and after reaching at hospital everything was vanished ,his father's in law was no more.

      Due to traffic jam  his wife was unable to fulfill her father's last wish.

    AFTER- There should be a separate road for emergency people like Alok, For Ambulance, Fire brigade,etc.


    There should be a app or device through which we can know where the traffic is and where not and how much time it will take to clear traffic jam.


    A app should be made through which we can control traffic.

November 21, 2019

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