Building a drone to rescue people from avalanche.

We are building a drone (an unmanned aerial vehicle)which deals with rescuing people stuck during natural calamities specifically avalanche in our problem. In this drone we are using a concept of LORA localisation for finding the time of flight .It works in a way that three of our drones send to the place where disaster has been occurred and recognize the beacon signal received from the victim ,that signals get detected by the LORA sensors attached to the drones which then gives the intersecting point by joining the three anchor points through LORA localisation technique.The idea behind this problem is to provide great searching technique for finding the victim and rescue people as soon as possible.Detecting the person in danger early will help in saving them by sending the rescue team soon,in this way extra fuel required to rescue people in this situation can be saved and help can be send immediately.

  • Anchal Hora, Mansi Kesharwani,Surbhi Kumari,Nibha Kumari
  • Building a drone to rescue people from avalanche.
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November 27, 2018

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