Borewell child resue

  • The problems caused due to the open borewells is more in India. Children are the mostly affected population. Many children lost their life by being trapped inside borewells and the rescue methods are  not at all efficient. 

  • Child safety -  Children from the age group of  0-6 are very much  prone to disasters caused by open borewells.  Mostly this type of disaster occurs due to the increased number of abandoned borewells in our country.

  • The problem is not faced by me but I came across some examples from our country India. Recently in trichy district of tamil nadu a 2 year boy named sujith got stuck in a bore well and died due in starvation as they cannot rescue him fr the borewell for 3 days.

    The method that they follow now is by digging adjacent to the existing borewell and getting down parallel to the borewell. This takes too much time and the success rate is too low. So we should provide some ideas that will make us rescue the child through the borewell itself.


  • From the above case we can come to an inference about the rescue method that it should be made done through the same borewell and the damping factors that arises while going that deep should be considered and  the visualization and providing the basic needs of the child should also be taken care of.

November 16, 2019

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