Book Sharing and Renting

  • A lot of us are bookphiles. But a lot of us are unable to search for a particular book or afford it. Therefore we look for cheaper solutions around. 

    The objective is to provide a solution to the reading crowd who find the cost of the books too high and are not able to afford them.

  • Swastika, a B.tech undergraduate was looking for some course books she couldn't find. The ones available were very expensive and she was looking for cheaper options as she needed them for just one semester.
    She came across an application where everyone could share and rent their books for free with the app community and have access to millions of books, by putting readers in contact. 

    The app is aimed at those who find the cost of books too high and who are reading lovers. With 97% of books being stuck on bookshelves at home, it enables people to share books with their neighbours, giving them a new life.

October 6, 2019

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