Blood Donation using Drone

  • Pravin[cb.en.u4aee17045], Gureesh[cb.en.u4aee17026]
  • Today's Medical Industry is growing exponential more than ever, one such aspect it lags is transportation of organ, blood donation to destination on time.

  • The Drone is special tasked for caring operation that are important for medical field, where it has a package of kit for blood donation just in case for people who has rare blood group and are able to attend hospital on time can give blood via with the help of drone, the above stated is one such aspect.

  • 1&2)Today, majority of people face the issue but i wish my father had some help like this.

    3) I has helped in design of app based on blood donation.

    4) Organ transporation is vital for today's generation

    5) 10,000 Rs

  • Making the product efficient and helping people to put a smile on their face is more than enough at times during desperate condition.

November 13, 2019

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