Automatic cashier

  • Rajsukh mohanty
  • The problem statement is, buyers have a terrible experience when they purchase stuff at supermarkets. Supermarket owners have to pay cashiers. An automatic cashier machine, will improve the experience of the buyers and will drastically reduce the cost for supermarket owners .

  • Supermarkets owners and other retail business owners : Age group 35 - 60

  • I face this problem as a buyer at the supermarket.  I consistently go to the supermarket to buy vegetables, groceries and stuff and, I have to stay in the line for about 20 - 25 mins. There is no solution in the market for this issue.  From the perspective of a retail business owner.  I'll be willing to pay at least $1,753 for a cashier machine as, in six months I'll recover the cost for it and wouldn't have to pay for a cashier in the future. 

November 21, 2019

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