Automated Self Transacting Coffee Vending Machine

  • Srijit Panja, Ahammed Shamil K
  • Currently, paying for the coffee and getting the coffee happen at different desks and are not connected. They are independent of each other. Therefore they do not form one single unit.

    If the vending machine can be constructed in a way that first the customer pays the money for the required type, size of coffee, through the vending machine itself(by means of a QR code most probably) then only the coffee is vended.

  • Coffee shops, shopkeepers who sell coffee.

  • The idea actually came from a real life problem that one of our friends faced. So this is the interview of that friend itself.
    Me: Can you tell me in brief, what's the actual problem you faced?
    Friend: We had brought coffee yielding machine in our office. The problem was, since our office was a sort of co-working place, and generally most people of our office itself used to gather at the canteen during breaks. So we installed it in the canteen. However, people from other offices as well used to have the coffee and the full content would just finish up in very little time. We tried of charging for the coffee, but since it is a direct customer operated machine, the charging for the content that the machine provides was quite some problem.
    Me: Do you have a solution to it?
    Friend: Currently, no. Placing a person in charge of the machine won't help much.
    Me: In case, we somehow automate the process, would you be eager to install it?
    Friend: Ya, sure. As it is, it's a machine, that's already in market. If you can automate the charging part, it will surely be acceptable in our office, I can guarantee.
    Me (With a smile): Thanks!
    Friend - smiles.
  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=13fNUjL51PdxpVmnorBbDUF_hgp6zPjOI

October 26, 2019

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