Automated Security Drone

  • Don S Palayoor , Riju Roy , Unnimaya Dinesan , Misriya T S
  • Due to increase in crime rate in India there is a need of automatic surveillance drone to monitor it.So we could try to control it by extend.

  • Everyone

  • Having an electronic eye-in-the-sky is as close as it gets to a silver bullet for detection, recognition and deterrence in the security context. The ability to schedule, repeat and monitor autonomous missions, so that drone fleets can augment human security guards and fixed cameras, is a powerful force multiplier. Automation technologies are rapidly making a dent in the global security market, resulting in high-growth sub-segments such as video surveillance-as-a-service, robotic aerial security, drone surveillance systems, home & office surveillance drones, border security, etc.

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November 1, 2019

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