Automated Hair Cutting Machine

  • Srijit Panja, Ahammed Shamil K
  • One needs to physically reach the salon to get a desired haircut ; for those who do not have time or the money to spend each time in salons, at regular intervals of a month or two, this is a problem.

    And in the salon also, the process is completely manual. That is a shortcoming for salon workers also.

    The idea is to have a device that will itself crawl on the person's head when a haircut design is fed into it, finding a moving algorithm on its own, regulating the blade movements at each point on the head surface to give the required finished haircut as the output.

  • Anyone who wants to have any type of haircut at home, without going to the salon.

  • Interview : Mr. Vinay Pandey, Employee, Vernier Tech

    Me: Mr. Pandey, given that you work in a corporate setup, holding an important role, do you anyhow find it difficult at times to take a moment and finish up your personal chores like shaving and having a haircut?

    Mr. Pandey: Frankly speaking, it kind of becomes like a duty at times, and I need to remind myself that the haircut and shaving is required, even in between the schedules I generally work on. Had there been a solution such that the process did not take much time and could also been portable and place independent, it would have really eased the life.

    Me: Suppose, we come up with a mechanism with which you could have a desired haircut at your home itself. How would you like it? How much would you be eager to pay for it?

    Mr. Pandey: In case it saves my time, and in parallel, gives the haircut I require, I would be interested in buying it, as it will be really useful product.    

  • https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HfwFwGRwODA0qH7NOQMTVARsC91qtka_

October 26, 2019

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