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Health Care System In India

Team Members: Yugal D Dekate,Swayamdeepta Swain Problem Statement: 1.The world’s the most populous democratic country  is not able to provide proper healthcare facilities to its entire population. 2.India is becoming a hub for medical tourism but all these facilities are not available to local residents, who happen to be poor. 3. Healthcare is a neglected issue in India, as major attention drawers are agriculture, infrastructure and IT. 4.Lack of resources in rural India is a major concern of the day, leading to most of the problems. 50% of all villagers have no access to healthcare providers; Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is 34 per 1000 live births; lack of nutrition caused stunned growth in 50% of all the babies; and 36% people in India have no access to toilets. 5.Poor care quality leads to more deaths than insufficient access to healthcare--1.6 million Indians died due to poor quality of care in 2016, nearly twice as many as due to non-utilisation of healthcare services (838,000 persons) 6.In India shortage of medical personnel like doctors, a nurse etc. is a basic problem in the health sector. In 1999-2000, while there were only 5.5 doctors per 10,000 population in India, the same is 25 in the USA and 20 in China. Similarly the…

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