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Team Members: VASUNDHRA BHARDWAJ, MUSKAAN MITTAL, ANJALI DESWAL, HIMANSHI VERMA Problem Statement: Depression is a disease that affects millions of people around the world.Depression as an endemic problem only started from the 21st century.But this was not always the case. The question is whats the causes of depression?the causes are complicated and not well understood. It is thought arises due to a combination of chemical imbalances in the brain, genetics and personal problems. But it can also be triggered through small things that what we are exposed to on a daily basis. In this fast paced world of instant communication where stories about people’s successes and accomplishments populate the news everyday, it can get a little overwhelming for us normal people. I feel insecure with my own life and ambitions. The news rarely runs stories about people’s failures, thereby skewing the perception of reality. People think that they are the only ones struggling with failure and mediocrity. I want to provide support and advice to empower all Indians affected by symptoms of mental health.I want to promote understanding, reduce stigma and give a voice to those who have none. I aim to help individuals lift themselves out of the impacts…

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