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Detection of diseases and pests on crop at an early stage

Team Members: Vandna Choudhary, Akanksha Saini Problem Statement: During crop production phase, farmers closely monitors crops because of various crop insects pests and diseases. They are the biggest threat to successful crop production. Depending on crop type and growth stage, it is estimated that early pest detection can reduce yield loss up to 40 percent. Therefore, farmers need to put all their efforts to protect the crop from pests as early as possible. Identification of pests and diseases on crops is usually done at the last stage and ultimately the crops are destroyed in the end. This leads to the rate of farmers attempting suicides increasing due to crop failures,debt, depression and family responsibilities .Also because of crop failure,the product prices in market increases gradually due to high demand and low crop production, it becomes difficult for ordinary man to buy products at high price. What if the pests attacking on crops can be detected at a very initial stage. This can be achieved through various tools such as sensors. If at an early stage the type of disease occuring on crops,https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-agricultural-science/article/crop-losses-to-pests/AD61661AD6D503577B3E73F2787FE7B2 pest attacking on crops can be detected then we can reduce the rate of crop failure.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Farmers%27_suicides_in_India User Persona:…

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