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Tipo – Smartphone Braille Keyboard

A keyboard accessory for smartphone typing in braille. Team Members: Lyle Rodericks and Vijay Varada One-line on problem: After working with a user group of visually impaired on earlier version's of braille keyboards, it was highlighted that there is no comprehensive way of typing into a smartphone. Current software solutions are too slow, do not give good tactile feedback or just are a pain to type with. Even though there are many soft keyboards available, we couldn't find someone in our study group who uses any of the soft keyboards. How Might We list: How might we: Create a tactile interface in a small form factor that can be used in conjunction with a smartphone. Create a better interface for a smartphone for the visually challenged. Make it quick and easy to setup Test cases: Braille gets recognized¬†by the native OS Users prefer it to other keyboard options Detailed Solution Description: Our proposed solution will be a device with 6 buttons to symbolize the braille alphabet. Pressing these buttons in specific combinations will register as different alphabets. The device will use a USB-HID chip that will be recognized as a keyboard on a USB port so that alphabets can be…

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