Frequently power cut

Team Members: Swayamdepta Swain,Yugal D Dekate Problem Statement: India is the third highest power generating country but 200 million people still facing lac of electricity that is 14.63%of our population. The power production is increasing  by time ,but can't able to fill up the new generation demand. Lower than expected growth of electricity demand . Poor financial condition of the Indian power sector. High losses in power system(Technical Losses,theft and improper meter reading,distribution losses) User Persona: In most power cuts the urban people faces more trouble. The power theft should be reduced and increase in distribution quality(these are mainly happening in urban regions ).  till now some people don't have supply due to lack of distribution. Interview: Yes I am facing this problem and all majorly village people are facing this this problem.These peoples are facing problems because of less production , low distribution and theft improper meter reading. mainly in summer days power cuts are very horrible, in those time we can't do any thing ,the village people use hand fan to reduce etching and sweating . In y all vacation i have faced this .Those times you can't do anything. If  people were stop wasting  energy unnecessarily,The supplier…

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