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Real-time Monitor and Controlling of Air-Quality Index in Industrial Regions using IoT, Sensor Networks and Cloud Services

College Name: Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata Team Members: Sandipan Chakraborty, Suvrojit Kumar Saha, Shouvik Mukherjee Problem Statement: In various parts of India, especially in some of the cities like Delhi, Kanpur, Kolkata, etc. 'Air Pollution' has now become one of the most important concerns in the last few years. Ranging from Vehicular exhausts to Industrial Air Pollution, this problem has affected the human population in various adverse ways. Previously, we have seen in various incidents like the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, accidental leakage of harmful gases from Industrial Chimneys has killed many lives. Moreover, although in all circumstances the results were not that harsh, still in some way or the other, accidental or uncontrolled release of exhaust gases from industries can prove to be really harmful to human lives. Today, our challenge is to present an efficient and easy way of controlling the gas valves remotely from any part of the world with respect to the cloud updates received from the gas sensing systems installed on the chimneys in order to prevent accidental gas leakage and to control the surge in the amount of pollutants emitting. It is important to make the procedure of controlling the emission rates, transparent…

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