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Problems while traveling on train.

Team Members: Susobhan Sethi Problem Statement: While traveling on train we faces many problems. Among them the delay in arrival and network problem are measure issues.The biggest problem in Indian Railways is the always late arrival of train or Delay in time. The trains are in India are regularly irregular. Trains are always came minimum 10to 15 minutes after the schedule time. This time may increases to hours also. For which many people suffer badly.The professional people's who has to go to their office and prefer journey on train are suffer regularly. The are also regularly irregular in their office only because of delay in train. Also student who travels on train faces same problem. People who has appointments on a particular time they also faces this problem.This unpunctuality in train arrivals make people and their work unpunctual. This delay in arrivals of train leads many problems.While traveling on train we came across the network problem in our mobile phone. The network vanishes or poorly available. For which we were unable to make a call, message someone, connect to internet etc.Due to the no connectivity or less connectivity we were unable to make a call also incoming in our phone…

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