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Lack of emotional and mental support to JEE and NEET aspirants

Team Members: Sunidhi,Ritika Problem Statement: India witnesses approximately 1 student suicide every hour accounting for approximately 8000 suicides an year. With one of the highest student suicide rates in the world, 67% of this suicide population are students of class 11th ,12th and droppers preparing for one of the India’s toughest exams -JEE AND NEET.  With 13 lakh students contesting for 50,000 government seats in NEET and 11.5 lakh students contesting  for 11,279 seats in JEE Advanced, the competition is immense.Kota a small city in Rajasthan sees a huge footfall of about 1,50,000 aspirants every year and hence not only famous as “JEE and NEET factory” but also as “The suicide city”.  Psychiatric experts studying the behavior patterns of these students all over India have cited the intense curriculum, parental and peer pressure ,depression,anxiety as the main reasons for  the high levels of stress among the students. Though some have continuous support from their families and friends, but there are others for whom it becomes difficult to explain their conditions to their confidants. In fact,It is limited to not just India but is actually a global problem.Suicidal behavior is a major health concern in many countries,developed and developing alike. At…

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