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Human Safety

Team Members: Siddharth Bhat , Divyaprakash, Sabarish, Thilipkumar Problem Statement: Though, people prefer cashless transaction these days, there are places where people have to make hard cash payments instead of using apps like google pay,paytm. So while carrying our purse from place to place, there is a good of misplacing our purse and¬†there is an even more higher chance of our purse getting robbed by thieves. Loosing our hard earned money is not something which must be taken lightly, cashless transactions is definitely not feasible in villages which do not have a proper internet connection and so they have no other choice than using a purse for storing money. So if this is going to be stolen by someone,then the person is definitely going to lose a good amount of hard earned money. So a purse which cannot be easily stolen or misplaced is important for safety reasons. User Persona: There are so many cases where different people lose or misplace their walletss in different ways: My friend vinith, 20 year old, who resides in hostel who`s purse was recently robbed by someone. The purse contained his original driving license, cash worth Rs.2000, his adhaar card. etc. Ram, a 35…

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