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Team Members: SAMBIT PRASAD PARIDA , ROHAN KUAMR PANDA , SAHIL SINGH Problem Statement: Implementation of e-governance Do you really think the government servant is under workload to reject your application several times in the name of several excuses? If yes then you seriously need to be on the other side of the desk to know they matter and if no then the next level of governance can make you stand in a win-win situation and can meet several goals and false commitment of the government that can actually turn to reality. The problem of passing files from one section to another one department to other is the basic reason why everyone still visualizes the government offices as a creepy dome where everyone gets rejected upon a fresh application or the problem being unheard without the inflow of rewards !! The problem lies with the realization of time in the decision, wastage of resources of government and a small amount of pollution and mental stress that contributes to a lag state and a pile-up structure that actually destroys the institution, the very institution that promises to take care of the issue. According to a report in International media we have…

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