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Team Members: SAHIL SINGH ,ROHAN KUAMR PANDA, SAMBIT PRASAD PARIDA , SUDEEP DAS Problem Statement: KILLER AIR POLLUTION Hi tier 2 cities !! The fresh air that you breathe is a luxury that you can afford instead of having world-class facilities. The air that you breathe the air that you claim to be the purest during is a myth in tier 1 cities and industrial areas. The air that we breathe is literally the clean air as we believe to be in real-time but the hard fact remains down the lane is that it's the worst you can rely on apart from political reasoning in the country. It's the worst environmental problem in recent times preferably due to the burning of stubble in the NCR region in our country which contributes up to 50-60% of the particulate matter that causes the air to pollute. The government policies are the icing on the hollow cake which doesn't address the ground issues 'THE LESS SAID THE BETTER" .The affected areas being the capital region and the city is choking on the devastating effects of innocent causes of the farmers which is not so innocent when it comes back to them in the…

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