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The Stench Pit of Smart City

Team Members: Tarini Kumar Patra,Sahil singh,Rohan Kumar Panda,Sambit Prasad Parida Problem Statement: The Cause for Concern Villagers of Daruthenga are unhappy with the dumping of green waste at Bhuasuni, the designated dumping yard of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation, on the city’s outskirts. Among the green waste getting dumped are branches of trees uprooted in Cyclone Fani. The dumping site has been swelling with waste and raising a stench. The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation transports around 200 truck-load of waste to Bhuasuni regularly. In 2018, some miscreants had burnt the waste leading to an environmental hazard. People even had to spend their time in jails too. The mosquitoes have made it their hunting grounds leading to fatal diseases like malaria and dengue.   User Persona: Children:- diseases due to the increased mosquito inhabitation Neigbourhood:- drinking water contamination Tourists:- bad impression regarding the city,decreasing preference for tourists,less revenue Localites:- not ideal to take the rout due to the foul odour,requiring other routes to trvael,time consuming Interview: The following is a summary of the interview with Mr. Prasant Routray, former sarpanch of Daruthenga.                                              …

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