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difficulty in modifying ongoing project

Team Members: Rashmi Problem Statement: I am struggling to make the following modification in my project: I want to make the robotic arm of my project more strong so that it can pick light objects.   some other way of controlling the motion of the robotic car, other than Bluetooth, so that it can travel large distances without any wired control. To make the wheels more reliable and strong so it can go to marshy lands, rocks etc. I want to make an app for the following purpose:           1. To show live video streaming from the camera placed on the robotic car.           2. To control the motion of the robotic arm with robotic car.           3. To show the values for sensors (like pulse sensor) on the application.           4. To store the data.          5. To get the location of the site through GPS where the person who needs to be rescued is found.   User Persona: This robot can be used in rescue operations where humans cannot reach or it is unsafe to go. It will be helpful…

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Absence of SOS service/device in vehicles

Team Members: Rashmi, Nandini, Divya, Kashika Problem Statement: Every hour 17 people die in India due to road accidents. There are reasons behind such accidents like the fault of the driver, fault of others, neglect of civic bodies, weather conditions, etc. We have often observed that other people hesitate to help the accident victim as they don't want to get in any police affairs. Many lives can be saved if medical services are provided at the right time and if their family could reach them as fast as possible. User Persona: SOS device will be beneficial for all the drivers, whenever they encounter an accident, the nearest emergency service will be called and they can be saved as early as possible. It will be available for all types of vehicle whether two-wheeler or four-wheeler, car bikes, scooter, trucks, etc. Since this device will help all the drivers in the condition of an accident, it will be a life-saving device for them. Interview: According to nasemo.org Emergency Medical Services (EMS) plays a vital role in the post-crash effort to reduce fatalities by providing first aid and transportation to medical facilities. The majority of the death caused by traffic crashes happen before…

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Lack of proper communication system between Deaf/Mute people and normal people

Team Members: Rashmi, Nandini, Divya, Anushka Problem Statement: There has always been a communication gap between people and people with special needs. They make use of sign language or gestures to make others understand what they are trying to say but it is very challenging to understand by hearing people. Only their family and friends are capable of deciphering what they want to say.  Hence there should be a midway that would help these people to overcome this barrier and to make communication easy and understandable. User Persona: Better communication from both the sides can be ensured as everyone will be able to understand what they are trying to convey.This will largely help to overcome most of the difficulties being found by deaf people. Interview: (World Stats)- According to the World Health Organisation, 466 million people across the world have disabling hearing loss (over 5% of the worlds population), of whom 34 million are children. India: India has been an oral country. Only recently got some leverage for Indian Sign Language(ISL). The majority of deaf schools use or at least claim to use an oral approach (almost banning sign language). Many deaf people also suspect a key factor working against…

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