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See and Spray

Team Members: Rajasekar M, Udhay Aakash R, Sudharshan S, Manojkumar VK Problem Statement: Huge consumption of time, man power and over-usage of pesticides upon crops. Lack of an intelligent system to automate this process by easily predicting the disease-prone and weed-prone regions of the farm and spraying the pesticides precisely to that region and to reduce the over all chemical usage. User Persona: Farmers who harvest cash crops, who aren't financially stable and ready to accept new technologies. Interview: An interview with Sandeep of Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham whose family does farming in their village at Rajmundhry. Us : Do you know about the problems faced by the farmers in your village? Him : Yes, having to pay to the workers is the biggest expense that the farmers have to manage in order to increase the profit and that's why generally farmers work as a family. The second biggest problem is the price of the pesticides and fertilisers going high. Yes, the government provides subsidies to buy them but due to inefficient usage, most of the product go wasted and only a fraction of those chemicals work on the fields. Third is monsoon failure or irregular rainfall which damages the crops.…

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Smart Controller Boards.

Problem Statement: We are making smart refrigerators, smart washing machines and smart air conditioners but we are yet to make smart switch boards which is the control unit of all home/office appliances. Hence we believe, a smart Bluetooth/wifi enabled switch board that can serve both as a digital gallery and a switch board can be a great value addition to our lives. User Persona: Switch Boards are available in every household and in every business building. Any body who owns them are our users. To give an example, There are over 50 fans and 100 lights in Amrita's mess hall alone. The number of switches, switch boards, regulators that are required to control those electrical appliances in plentiful and it is difficult for the users to know which switch corresponds to which fan and so on. With an application and device. All such things can be made smart.

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