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Fault Sensing In Air Conditioners

Team Members: Radhika, Ankita, Priya Chaturvedi, Surabhi Singh Problem Statement: To develop a mechanism that automatically senses the fault (issue) in air conditioners and reports to the user about the same (this can  be used to detect fault in other appliances also, which are programmed in some or other way), and also fetches from the manufacturing company right way to approach the problem, and cost that will be incurred. User Persona: AC Users, Individuals as well as organizations where ACs have been installed. Interview: Interviewee 1 Q1. Do you have an AC? Ans. Yes. Q2. Have you ever faced any problem with it? If yes, what was it? Ans. Yes. It stopped cooling abruptly. Q3. How do you know this was the exact issue with your AC? Ans. Private mechanic told us. Q4. Why didn't you call the customer care? Ans. We called them. But they didn't respond. Also, we thought it would take the electrician (that offered by the company) time to reach and also they take long to repair and install back the AC. So we just called the electrician from a nearby shop. This was the first time. Then onwards after a year or so it's cooling…

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