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Team Members: Priyansha Sharma , Kishori Thapa , Jasmine Sharma Problem Statement: In Delhi one of the most commonly used means of transport is Metro , about 4.7 million of people travel daily via Delhi Metro. People face problem to find ATM at metro stations whether they are the daily passengers or new passengers especially where there is an interchange like Rajiv Chowk and Kashmere gate. User Persona: For the passengers of Delhi Metro so that they can easily find ATM and can  transact money whenever they needed. Interview: I interview one of my friend who is a regular user of Delhi metro.Transcript of interview is as below:  Do you face this problem of finding ATM ?  Ans: Yes,I do.I travel  via metro daily .Now-a-days nobody carry hard cash with them ,so many times I use ATM at metro station  and I face problem to find out ATM at huge metro stations like Rajeev Chowk and Kashmere gate.  Do you know anyone who does? Ans : I think every person who travel via metro in Delhi face the same problem. I have seen so many people searching for ATM at metro stations. Examples / Experiences on this? Ans:It happened with me…

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