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Live Tracking & Security Issues in DBMS

Team Members: Subhashish Sahu Problem Statement: When there is large number of people working together on a common project and are placed farther apart from each other, then the problem arises is how to track the physical activities of the team; and the progress they have made individually. Their contributions to the task isn't clear and fail to track the progress of the project. They become uncertain about their leads, sales, progress, deadline, etc. Also if there is information shared over social media or any such connecting platforms then the problem of security arises.  User Persona: Activity Tracking: The physical activities and advancements to a particular task is uncertain to the whole team working on the same project. They become unsure about the info of where they exactly are in the track of the project and get delayed in their work flow as a result. so to avoid this, they use social media to keep track. But the problem of security arises. Security Issues: In social media and such platforms there is risk to lose sensitive information and data to a third party. So there is a need to use a secure Database. But there are also security issues in…

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