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Team Members: Pratyush Choudhury, Arjun Salyan, Prateek Sahoo, Ishika Mittal Problem Statement: In today’s time, a strong health system is inconceivable without a strong and resilient digital backbone. This was the foundation for the genesis of the concept of National Health Stack, which will be the second leg of Ayushman Bharat. National Health Stack (NHS)—a digital infrastructure built with a deep understanding of the incentive structures prevalent in the Indian healthcare ecosystem. The NHS, a set of building blocks that are essential in implementing digital health initiatives, would be “built as a Common Public Good” to avoid duplication of efforts and successfully achieve convergence. Also, the NHS will be “built for NHPS but designed beyond NHPS” as an enabler for the rapid development of diverse solutions in health and their adoption by states. One of the major components of the NHPS includes the creation of National Electronic Health Registries (EHRs) which will be a single source of master health data of the nation.  However, there is a small caveat. Given the diversity of the country, it is difficult to maintain a common structure building on top of which rapid adoption would be possible. Hence, we propose the idea of a…

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