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wallet safety

Team Members: Noora fathima, Athira kk Problem Statement: People feel its unsafe to keep their personal belongings while traveling, especially women these days are afraid to keep their wallets with them because of the increase in cases of robbery and snatching. User Persona: Travelers, women, officials and students. Interview: a) where do you keep your money and other important things while traveling, for example when you are in a train? ans)  I always hang it around my neck in a sling bag even when i am sleeping, going to washroom, all the time i carry it  with me. b)why you don't feel it safe to keep it in your bag? ans) How can i? i already had an experience of pickpocket while i was traveling in a bus and i was like a lost child. I somehow went to a police station and complained.its been 2 years but till now they couldn't find my wallet.  After that i started carrying this sling bag all the way i go. c) Are you comfortable with this? ans) no, definitely not, hanging this thing all the day along gives me shoulder pain. And also while traveling in a train i never sleep well.…

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user friendly technology for those who are lagging behind.

Problem Statement: While we are in the 4th industrail revolution discussing about the new technologies i have seen some people still struggling to find the message sent to them or even to find the location where they are in. So my idea is to create a very very user friendly platform for them like an app which tells them how to work on it and  introduce all the new things.  User Persona: mostly people of the age 50 and above. Some times less than that.

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