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Temperature Based Fan Speed Control And Monitoring

Team Members: Nitish Agrawal and Sonal Shailja Problem Statement: Sometimes it is very tedious to regulate the fan speed according to our needs as to change the speed, one has to use the regulator. Mainly during winter, someone feels hot and after a moment of switching on the fan, he/she feels cold as a result one has to change the speed again and again manually according to their needs. User Persona: Anyone who feels like changing the speed of fan again and again is a tedious task or for ease.

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Team Members: Nitish Agrawal and Sonal Shailja Problem Statement: For Small Scale: Mainly during summers, it is really hard to water the plants in the garden area. We either forget or the scorching heat stops us from watering them resulting in the destruction of plants. For Large Scale: Automated Plant Watering System will help our farmers too. With the help of other sensors, soil fertility and other soil properties can be examined timely and one can get an alarm and needful can be done for enhancing the crop production. User Persona: For Small Scale: People who love plants and are lazy or for general use. For Large Scale: Farmers for Agriculture.

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