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Cyber Bullying

Team Members: 1. Nishita Malhotra 2. Richa Sharma Problem Statement: In this era of Social Media , youth now-a-days may be a victim or culprit of Cyber Bullying.  The victims either don't know what they should do, or whom they should approach for help. Sometimes they don't want others to know their situation and that's why they end up keeping things to themselves which results in severe problems like anxiety, depression etc. Cyber bullying is the easiest way of threatening the youth at the cost of their reputation. User Persona: Teenagers - Children using social media , age group 14-19. Youth - Age group 20-28 The people who bully - People who misuse the social media platform to put down others due to jealousy , personal grudges , get fame through wrong means.  Interview: Cyber-bullying survey We conducted a survey for people of different age groups to interpret their knowledge about cyber-bullying and we've come to the following conclusions: Majority of the respondents correctly knew the meaning of cyber-bullying. Although many weren't victims of cyber-bullying themselves, but they agreed to the fact that cyber-bullying do occur very often in our society.  Respondents felt that many victims of cyber-bullying didn't discuss…

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