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Women & Child Safety

Team Members: NARESH KUMAR.L.S, ROHINI.B, PAVULURI DIVYA MADHURI, SOORYA.V Problem Statement: Case 1: India has been ranked as the most unsafe country for women after the 2018 polls.The crimes against women are ever increasing, this makes women feel unsafe going out for late night shifts, which in turn affects the economy of the family as well as the country! There aren't enough police personals to monitor every single women passenger. If a tracking system/device is installed, women would feel safer than ever.  Case 2: Child Trafficking has been a daily news ever since newspapers came out. In today's scenario where both the parents work, parents are in a constant dilemma in knowing the whereabouts of their children. A simple tracking device would help them feel more comfortable. There are many such tracking devices available, but the problem lies with the availability of Internet/Bluetooth to transmit the data. Moreover charging these devices have always been hectic in our daily routine. So the availability of Internet/Bluetooth adds on as a problem in this domain! User Persona: Use Case 1: Working class women residing in a rural, or even an urban environment, where the availability of internet isn't ensured. Use Case 2: Working…

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