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Ease of living

Team Members: NAGULAN S , KIRAN KUMAR A , SRINIVASA KRISHNAN AN , RAHUL R Problem Statement: Maintenance of personal ID proofs and documents is a tedious task, mainly for travelers. We miss the fruit of happiness on our trips and daily life by thinking about the safety and protection of our original proofs we carry. And at least once in our daily life, we would have been in an embarrassing situation by forgetting some documents or proofs needed in that legal situation. User Persona: Ease of living: Travelers both foreign and domestic, Vehicle drivers, People who need to carry their identity-related documents on a daily basis. Interview: Interviewer: Have you ever forgotten any of your documents in some legal situation or felt carrying these original documents as a burden? Stakeholders: I remember an incident where I had a flight scheduled to Delhi that has to be boarded at 2:00 pm, So I had to reach the Airport terminal by 11:00 am. My home is 2 hours away from the airport, I reached for the passport in my bag only to be disappointed as I found every other document except for my passport. I had forgotten the passport at my…

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