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Traffic System

Team Members: Arpita Nayak,Vivekanada Nayak,Chinmaya Satpathy,Mousumi Mohapatra Problem Statement: I want to change the entire traffic system and want to create something by which no one face a traffic jam or there should be separate traffic solutions for ambulance or in any emergency issues. User Persona: States like Mumbai,Pune,Kolkata,Bangalore faces a lot problems due to traffic issues. Interview: Yes, while i go outside with my vehicle. no States like pune,hyderabad,mumbai etc i have no idea about it. 1000 rupees. User Journeys: I am currently a newly joined bt as a user, nt only me but in my surrounding I have seen that traffic jam is a major prblem here. In metro areas we have to stand hours and hours in a traffic. Its difficult to reach a place when in emergency, also ambulance cant reach to hospital in time due to traffic jam which costs a people life. India is developing so there should also be smart traffic system as a solution to this.

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