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Team Members: Manisha Yadav, Lavisha Malik, Lavanya Gaur, Dhriti saini Problem Statement: 20% of the total deaths during childbirth or pregnancy are from India. Estimates show that 55,000 women die due to preventable pregnancy-related causes in India. Mothers and children in the lowest economic bracket have about a two and a half times higher mortality rate. There is a marked variation in MMR and healthcare access between regions and in socioeconomic factors. Rural women lack access to basic healthcare needs during pregnancy which needs to be addressed. Expecting adolescent girls face a higher risk of complications. Major problems in the current mother-child healthcare scenario in India are awareness or the lack of healthcare, access to healthcare facilities, absence or the manpower crisis in healthcare, affordability, and accountability. Moreover, almost 1 of every 10 infants born in India are premature. Premature babies may have health problems like breathing problems, feeding difficulties, developmental delay, vision problems, hearing problems, cerebral palsy (because their organs did not have enough time to develop), etc. Hence, there is a lack of awareness in rural areas, limited access to accurate and comprehensive information about healthy maternal, neonatal and child health practices, social services entitlements and how to…

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