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Advent of Smart Television Viewing and The Need for Efficient Data Collection

Team Members: Manan Taneja, Saiharsha, Problem Statement: The Advent of Hybrid STBs and their Utilization for Data Collection With the rise in IoT connected devices, it has become of utmost importance to track, collect and utilize the consumer data reliably for offering better services and also targeted products. But in the Indian scenario, this data collection by STBs hardly seems to have progressed where other technologies have progressed by leaps and bounds. We seek to provide a solution for the above by using Hybrid STBs Why use Hybrid STBs? Hybrid STBs are already being sold and used by a lot of operators in India including but not limited to Dish TV, Airtel and Tata Sky. The main advantage these have over traditional STBs is that they can transfer data 2 ways: * The main database to TV * From consumer TV back to a database Most existing hybrid STBs also have internet connectivity and enough processing power to support the transfer of data, while the same cannot be said about the traditional STBs. The Solution Profile Management: Our solution puts forth a profile section just as the viewer starts to watch his TV show on his hybrid STB. He/she can…

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