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Waste management and segregation.

Team Members: Ankit Roy , Mohammad Basher , Kushagra Saxena , Kartikey Dixit , Anubhav Mishra Problem Statement: We may have entered into the modern age but when it comes to waste management,we still lack the basic sense of waste management and segregation. It has been observed that the vicinity of dustbins is often very unhygienic and littered with household waste.This makes the dustbins unapproachable and the people tend to throw the waste from a distance which further increases the uncleanliness. The authority does not have a appropriate system for sensing or getting notified when dustbins are about to overflow. Manual segregation done by labor may cause health hazards and requires huge man power but still the main purpose of segregation of waste remains unresolved.  User Persona: A college boy(Rohan,20 years) is coming from his house to go to his college in  the morning.On the way he sees that the garbage is spread here and there on  the lane near his house and the dustbin is in a overflow state and  there is no segregation of waste.On moving further he finds that the large dustbins on the roads are not covered and dogs,cows etc are feeding on that and scattering…

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