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Team Members: Khushboo singh ,Pragati kumari, Aashika singh,Sreelakshmi Problem Statement: Libraries have changed with the times and so have their collections. Today, a library’s collection contains a wide variety of materials such as expensive CDs and DVDs, hard-to-replace reference volumes and popular books and magazines.Without an effective security system in place, many libraries risk the problems associated with the temporary and permanent loss of materials. When items are unavailable, the patrons of your library must do without or go elsewhere. And, although the replacement cost may appear to be low, it is important to factor in the staff time to reorder, catalog and process these missing materials, which can double costs when taken into consideration. and hence if any one can take the books without any permission then he/she must be punished ,or some security system must be there for these checkings . User Persona: All the students who are mostly uses the libray books . which are approximately (above 10 years old students)   Interview: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdLiTcv4Tcv7nsDG8uChQe3Shab1CKwEex57kxjPSiBTEbCEg/viewform?usp=sf_link User Journeys:                                  Security System An electronic alarm system installed at the entrance and exit of a library facility…

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ATM security

Team Members: Khushboo singh ,Pragati kumari, Aashika singh,Sreelakshmi Problem Statement: .                                                                 ATM SECURITY To protect our account from many frauds. When  customer's credit card get stolen there may be a chance that unauthorised user can often come with the correct personal code to choose easily guessed pins and password that can be birthdays, phone number and social security numbers. Automated teller machine (ATM) fraud involves capturing your debit card number and using it in unauthorized transactions. Because you need a PIN to complete a debit card transaction, ATM fraud also includes stealing your PIN. The criminal utilizes a device to steal your ATM card number, finds a way to obtain your PIN and uses the card to get cash. To remove all the frauds in ATM I have a solution for this problem .                                                FOR THE SOLUTION OF ABOVE PROBLEM Fingerprint Based ATM is a desktop…

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