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Team Members: KARTHIK SHRIRAM Problem Statement: Myself being a middle class guy, I'm more concerned in my budget.When we decide to buy a cloth if  our  concern is cost we would prefer online shopping.But if our concern is size fitness our choice will be definitely retail shops though we know that the price in retail shops are high like clothes material's cost is equal to full stitched ready made cloth in online stores.We would also have a limited choice in retail shops than online but we prefer retail only majorly because of size fitness as we could buy clothe materials separately and stitch separately for our body size with tailor .This option is not available in amazon,flipcart etc.Myself being a tall thin guy ,readymade clothes are not suitable to me because the breadth of  the shirt will be long as I buy a 42 size shirt,t shirt according to my height.So I would buy clothe material  for around( 225rs 1 meter cloth)450-500(minimum average price material) and give 300-350 for stitching  spending  around 800 for an average piece  of shirt but with a  perfect size  for which I would buy a high quality ready made shirt.Moreover my sister for stitching salwar…

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