Drone charging point

Team Members: ABHISHEK RANJAN, ABHISHEK GAUTAM, BHUVAN, ATANU, SANCHIT Problem Statement: If a drone want to fly in long-distance then, then need a power source in which they have to charge the battery but battery capacity is not such good. Let suppose if a drone wants to fly 10km then they required for charging because 10 km flying is very long trip. User Persona: Drone industry: In which we will make a drone charging point of the roof of a building in which drone can sit and with help of magnetic aligned and drone will charge their battery and then fly. Interview: In near future, I will gonna crazy: Nishant Kumar. It's a good idea, work on this it will give you patent: Prashant User Journeys: I have to send lunch box via drone to my father but the drone has very little battery power in which i want a charging point where my drone will charge. Neha Kumari. I this kind of technology will invent then my drone will run on long distances. Bhuvan

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Attaindance Systemvia Image processing

Team Members: Abhishek Ranjan, Sanchit Singh, Atanu Sen, Uttakarsh Kumar. Problem Statement: Maintaining attendance is a very tedious job, In hostel, office, classroom or in the organization, maintaining attendance is very time taking. Many students, not their attendance and they forget to in/out and not put in attendance book in which it creates a problem.  In hostel making in/out attendance, it consumes time, and the student has to wait some amount of time. User Persona: The target audience is Office, School, Organization where they have to maintain attendance or in/out on a daily basis an Arduino and raspberry pi was there with a camera and they can make attendee by face recognization. Interview: MNNIT Guard: A guard has to maintain all attendees as well as in/out details of the student. If I got such kind of thing that recognizes the face and if it makes attendance and maintains data in google sheet, then out time will reduce and we can use our time for other stuff. Abhay Kumar Mishra (BCA) teacher: I don't know how many students are there in my class and it was time take as well as I do not know how and what kind of people are…

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Empower Student (financially)

Team Members: ABHISHEK RANJAN. Problem Statement: There are 315 million students in India. Which they fully depend on their parents. The student has many skills in which they can serve their skills and monetize them. Many Student wants mentor for their career as well as while studying they want making money. There is a huge number of student who wants to earn in student life but the platform is not there. According to economics time if Indian student lost their mobile they have to depend on parents. In USA students started earning in teenage 15-20, while in India they have to look to others for money at this age. Student financial problem is huge every student wants to earn in his student life.  If a student wants to buy something, they have to look forward to his/her parents. In the Indian education system, parents support their child until they did not get a job, in which students will no put effort into making money. Otherwise, that student who got the educational loan they also have looking for their parents.   User Persona: Target audience is student, Student has many skills in which they can monetize them. If a student wants to…

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