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Lack of knowledge for College Admissions

Team Members: Vaibhav Raj, Krishnakant Singh, Ankit Rajput, Mani Saxena Problem Statement: After brain scratching preparation of JEE and NEET and after attempting and qualifying the exam many aspirants face challenge during college counselings and choice filling and documentation for college admission, many of the aspirants take this process for granted and get a lower college or lower branch even after having a decent rank. Some other students having lower rank face more problem because of lack of information about good colleges and state counselings. After the preparation of more than 2 to 3 years if students attempt any silly mistake because of confusion or lack of information about college data and branch, they will get a college lower to their respective ranks and expectations and this will affect their all future plans. User Persona: JEE and NEET aspirants : Students from 10th class to 12th class and droppers. Parents of JEE and NEET aspirants. Interview: later User Journeys: later

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