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Safety of Bike Rider

Team Members: Harshit Kumar Problem Statement: Riding bike is passion of youth. In India youths are thrilled and like to ride bikes. They travel across hundreds of kilometer. Road conditions, lack of safety measures taken by them, speeding at a very fast speed, lot of traffic, people not following the right rules are some of the major cause of road accidents.   User Persona: Bike Rider Safety: People of age 18 and above, especially who loves to ride bike for long duration Interview: Target audiences are my friends. My friends love to ride bike. We travel across various cities. Travelling in the night is a challenge due to following reasons: 1. large no of path holes 2. Lack of proper lighting 3. Driver fell asleep during long rides 4. Overtaking and changing lanes are challenging 5. Delay in providing help in case of any accidents. I have not come across any device which may help in solving these issues. As students are involved in these issues, they have a budget issue. So in order this issue we need a cheap and feasible solution.  User Journeys: My friends along with me went on a bike trip from Delhi to Nanital. There we…

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