Air Pollution

Team Members: ROOPA VIDHYA G , GAYATHRI V , AISHWARYA.S.R Problem Statement:       Air Pollution has been a major cause for concern in several developing countries around the globe. This issue gains more and more importance in India as several cities, including the Capital spiral into an irreversible state of worsened Air Quality, with Delhi being ranked No.1 among the most polluted cities in the world. Delhi's Air Quality Index(AQI) as measured in November 2019, has reached an alarming level of over 500 which falls under the 'severe plus' category. This deteriorating AQI has caused, and continues to cause several harmful repercussions to the health and well being of India's population, with 2.2 million children in Delhi ,(and many more across India) suffering irreversible lung damage in 2015 and over 80 lives lost every day to Air Pollution.        While cities like Beijing have considerably reduced the effects of Air Pollution in their provinces, Delhi continues to choke on its smoggy air. The main reason for its inability to improve Air Quality is the lack of efficient monitoring of major miscreants like coal based power generation plants, construction activities and industrial emissions. While India has just 200 air quality monitors (37…

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